Take the financial fingerprints of your customers!

Manage your credit risk more accurate,
acquire new customers, increase your business volume...

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How much risk do you have?

In Turkey each year, 1.3 Million consumers

default due to personal loan or credit card debt.



Do you really know and effectively measure credit risk of your customers?



How can you segment your customers as high or low credit risk grade?



What financial analysis should you do to acquire new customers by keeping your risk under control?

To Answer These Questions


What is Fanaliz?

Fanaliz is a decision support system that measures the payment affordability level of customers with whom companies have commercial relations. The credit risk decision for the customer is generated in a few seconds by applying advanced algorithms.

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Fast & Convenient

The Fanaliz system is built with state-of-the-art software techniques and produce decision in seconds.

Reduces Your Risk

The system checks your customers' up-to-date data on financial system and helps you to make better sales decisions.

Increases Your Sales Volume

The system enables you to manage your credit risk accurately, acquire new customers and increase your sales volume.

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